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The Artist

So a little about me, my name is Amy Jones and I was born in 1987 in Brecon hospital. I have always lived in and around Bronllys. I have experimented with painting and drawing animals since I was little; being urged by my late grandfather I started experimenting with different medias. I have always had pets around being an animal lover which aided my desire to sketch them; these included cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits and hamsters. I was encouraged again to start drawing when my partner suggested drawing his parents a picture as a christmas gift as opposed to buying one, so I drew 'Amber' for them.

Coming from a small village in the middle of Wales always meant that there was remote scenery and wildlife to capture through drawing. In primary school I won a trophy for a painting I had completed, as well as winning a plaque in secondary school for coming second in a ‘Drink and Drive’ poster competition held by Dyfed Powys Police. I am a self taught artist using only my skills learnt while doing art at A level. I have always loved art and considered it a career wishing to become either an artist or an art teacher, however after considering my options and little career opportunities locally I decided against educating myself further in university in this subject. However I did go to university but studied Accounting and Finance instead; gaining a BSc Econ(Hons) in 2008.