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How do I order a commissioned portrait?
To order a commission just click here. This will take you to the order page where you can either print out a form in word format to post to us or you can complete your details on the online order form and pay your initial deposit via Paypal.

I only have poor quality photos of my pet that has passed away?
If you contact me first and let me know your situation then you can send them to me and I can have a look and see if we can make a portrait out of them, I can also advise you which photos I feel will work best as a portrait. Any photos that are sent to me will be returned after the portrait is completed. When we have decided on the best photo to use and the deposit has been sent I will start your portrait.

How long does it take?
A commission should usually take 4-6 weeks however in busier periods such as Christmas they may take longer.

How much does it cost and how do I pay?
Please click here to look at the price list. This price includes the postage in the UK, which will be via recorded delivery. Postage to places outside of the UK will include an extra charge to cover shipping costs.

Do I have a guarantee?
If you are not entirely satisfied with your portrait after completion then you are not obligated past the initial deposit. I do ask that you return the work to me. I will then send you your refund.

I donít like the background in my photo can I change it?
I usually don't complete a background however some details such as cushions etc are included, if you do wish to change your background however you can look for some inspiration in my gallery.

What camera should I use?
The best camera to use is a digital camera as I can then edit any flaws such as red eye in photo editing programmes. This also saves on postage as it can be sent as an attachment in the online form.

Do I have to have a pet drawn?
No you donít have to have a pet portrait if you wish to have a commissioned portrait of a wild animal this can be done too. If you do not have any photos we will have to research some poses and possible ideas over the internet until you are satisfied with the type of portrait.