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Please follow these steps to order a commissioned piece of art:

1. Ordering Information.
Choose what type of portrait you would like; head and shoulders or a whole body, and one or more subjects, also would you like detailed background. Decide on the size of your portrait by referring to the prices page. Also are there any additional details you would like me to include such as collars, scarves or the pets name and if you have a preferred photograph. For ideas on how you would like your piece completed feel free to look for inspiration in my gallery.

2. The photographs.
Please supply a number of photos either digitally via email; or processed sent via the post which will be returned after the completion of the portrait. As mentioned before if you have a preferred photograph for me to work off then please let me know which one. If you only have photos that have been processed and are unsure of there suitability then please either refer to the photo tips, FAQs or contact me.

3. Order online or via the post.

To order via the post please click here, then download and print the order form in word format and send with the deposit. Please make cheques payable to Amy Jones.