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Photo Tips

  • Try and use natural lighting when available either outside or by a window.
  • If taking photo’s outside don’t take directly into the sun.
  • If its really bright out ensure that it is not affecting your pet by making them squint.
  • Try and get down to your pets level so that proportions of the body are correct.
  • Take several photos so that there are different shadows, and facial expressions that I can use.
  • Digital photos are the best to use as detail can be checked easier also different photography flaws such as red eye can be edited easier.
  • Please try and use the best resolution camera as this will produce a better photo.
  • Try using a reflector to reduce shadows.
  • Good Examples

    Good Eg 1 Good Eg 2 Good Eg 3 Good Eg 4

    Bad Examples

    Bad Eg 1 Bad Eg 2 Bad Eg 3 Bad Eg 4